The Founder : Laure Beretti

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The powerful magic
of the extraordinary scents we are surrounded by!

Who are “Les
Senteurs Tropéziennes” ?

The fragrances of Saint-Tropez it is The spirit of the nature, a true concentrate from French Riviera in Saint-Tropez. We are before all, creator of exceptional perfume made with love.
By us for you.

Créatrice Laure - Les Senteurs Tropéziennes

Laure Beretti, delicate and creative, with lots of emotions to share:

Laure Beretti, a Corsican native who fell in love with Saint-Tropez and the French Riviera, created Maison ST Parfum.

Once Laure left her native Porto Vecchio town for Saint-Tropez or the French Riviera, she soon developed a passion for perfumes. Laure has a very delicate sensitivity due to her love for nature. Corsica, the island of beauty, a burst of contrast and wonderful colors! As a child she used to run around the nature and rivers of her native village, Ribba San Gavinu Di Garbini, discovering the wild scents of the Corsican maquis! Always looking for new aromatic adventures, she would pick any new flowers or sun-dried leaves. Anything to help her create a true elixir of perfume! A creative soul who then dedicated her childhood to classical dance and music, a different universe, yet still very creative and artistic! Her daily activities in St Tropez include long walks and runs by the lush green countryside and beach front yoga. Eventually, this healthy and peaceful Saint-Tropez routine led her to a deep reflection of how she could share this incredible well being feeling. From charming littoral to the old dirt roads of Saint-Tropez, the Citadel or the Patapans, through Ramatuelle,the wonderful Pampelonne beaches and around the French Riviera … It was just a matter of time until she figured out how to successfully share her passion and creativity.

Recreating the unique fragrances of a Saint-Tropez and French Riviera vacation by bottling it to share it with all your loved ones, that’s the idea of Maison ST Parfum, luxury perfume makers.

Original creations meeting Grasse’s reputation

The very first Saint-Tropez perfume of Laure Beretti was launched in 2014. Delicate scents of nature, beaches and flowers were synthetically created in our Grasse lab, the world Capital of perfume, designated to remind you of all those Saint-Tropez and French Riviera memories.

Passion, dedication and love are the main ingredients of Maison ST Parfum collection, whether it is to add a fragrant touch to your home, your skin or your furry best friend.

The expertise of our lab partners definitely meets Grasses’s high-end reputation.

Each of our unique fragrances were selected and created to remind you of the most iconic French Riviera spots, using the highest quality of ingredients to successfully elaborate the unique scents of The French Riviera, throughout all four seasons.

Les Senteurs Tropéziennes : inspiration