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N° 8 A Walk to the Château des Marres


Scented Bouquet – 30 mL

The Vine Peach

Experience the joy of of a sun-drenched peach. This sweet, sweet fragrance combines the sweetness of a vine peach with a cloud at the foot of vine stock filled with the resiliency of the south.


All of our perfumes are our creations and each fragrance is carefully made by our perfumer in Grasses.


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Each fragrance is inspired by the St Tropez lifestyle, les Senteurs Tropeziennes “essence”.

« The Château des Marres trip »

The Marres Estate. One of the most ancient winery of the region, Located on the beaches road between Saint-Tropez and Ramatuelle, the estate covers 30 hectares including 27 vineyards classified AOC

An infinite land of red and white grapes surrounds the beautiful property. The winery is open to public, allowing people to visit the cellars and ultra modern vats producing red, white and rose wines.

A concentrate of refined perfumes created by a blend of grape juices, corks and the warm copper vats diffuses an intense fragrance in the cellars. A fascinating olfactory experience!

Throughout the year, the vineyard is maintained in an exemplary and reasoned manner, including lots of love and passion.

We could stare for hours at the colorful vines and rosebushes, perfectly aligned by the alleys all the way up to the fences, garnished by gorgeous blossomed peaches trees.

The owners of the CHATEAU DES MARRES domain were eager to collaborate with us in creating an identical sweet and fruity peach fragrance. Close your eyes and imagine eating a crunchy, juicy wild vine peach! Now open your eyes and breathe! Remember this aromatic flavor! An authentic and unique experience!

An olfactive and gustative ancestral history, passed on from generation to generation.

Discover our perfume creation, a sweet and fruity perfume, in a decorative and elegant bottle, a chic touch for your home! All our perfumes are created in our Grasse laboratory. High quality, luxury home fragrances and perfumes made in the world capital of perfume! Bring back home an aromatic and authentic souvenir of St Tropez to share with your friends and family the sweet fruity aromas of wild peaches vines at the Château des Marres.


  • TOP NOTES : Peach, Orange, Bergamot
  • MIDDLE NOTES: Rose, Ylang Ylang
  • BASE NOTES: Vanilla, Musk, And Wild Vines Peach


Rose, Musk, Ylang Ylang

Luxury perfume made in Grasse, diluted with natural beets alcohol

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Fruitée, Sucrée


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