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N° 4 A Memory on the Bench of the Bell Tower


Incense, Waxed Wood, Spiced Fragrances – 30 mL

Meditative and relaxing, A Memory on the Bench of the Bell Tower lulls you in the refinements of elegance and tradition through its incense and notes of waxed wood. A balsamic fragrance. A magical moment in honor of the divine.


All of our perfumes are our creations and each fragrance is carefully made by our perfumer in Grasses.


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Each fragrance is inspired by the St Tropez lifestyle, les Senteurs Tropeziennes “essence”.

Ideal to meditate and relax, « A memory by the bell tower’s bench » will rock you into an ultimate elegance and St Tropez most cherished tradition.

A blend of waxed wood incenses notes, a balsamic fragrance. A true magical and divine moment!

Seating on a bench … but not just any bench …  the bench of our church, the famous bell tower of the village! The St Tropez church is characterized by its ochre and sienna colors, painted, portrayed and shot from every possible angles by many artists and tourists.

A bell tower kindly overlooking St Tropez, caring for its population. At night, its lights brighten up the old village paved streets. The tower’s has only three clocks around its fourth sides, which has a bit of history!

Upon the Church’s foundation in 1634, the people of St Maxime  « The Maximois » were constantly arguing with « The Tropeziens » therefore the population decided to omit the fourth clock (facing the St Maxime direction), in the intent to avoid a possible « time » robbery from « The Maximois ».

The population of St Tropez is very proud of their presqu’ile and eager to protect its history, values and traditions.

Inside the church hides a real treasure!

The St Tropez’s Chest, carried as a trophee during the Bravade, an annual and local festivity.

The bell tower, the church, a meditation haven, a prayer’s sanctuary to reflect, protect and heal our loved ones and us.

With your eyes closed, you can easily imagine the incense scents and waxed wood perfumes, an olfactive awakening moment offered by those solid wood and elegant meditating benches, shiny and freshly waxed. It a subtle balsamic blend with smoky incenses notes honoring the holiness.

A magical moment turned into a unique and noble perfume.

Discover our perfume creation, with calming and noble cedar notes, in a decorative and elegant bottle, a chic touch for your home! All our perfumes are created in our Grasse laboratory. High quality, luxury home fragrances and perfumes made in the world capital of perfume! Bring back home an aromatic and authentic souvenir of St Tropez to share with your friends and family the delectable scents of the noble cedar !


  • TOP NOTES : Incense, Pepper
  • MIDDLE NOTES: Pine tree, Sandalwood, Labdanum
  • BASE NOTES: Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood


Royal Red and Black Pepper, Sandalwood, Labdanum, French Riviera Pine tree, Patchouli, Incense …

Luxury perfume made in Grasse, diluted with natural beets alcohol

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Famille olfactive

Boisée, Épicée


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