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Discover our floral perfumes for women, made in Grasse, the world’s Capital of Perfume.

These unique olfactory creations are composed of rare and precious essences and carefully selected natural ingredients.

Inspired by French Riviera’s lavish gardens and sunny coastal landscapes to awaken your senses and provide an instant relaxing effect.

Delicates, mysterious, soothing and refreshing or feminine fragrances; find out which one of our floral perfumes for women is made for you!

All of our floral perfumes are elegantly bottled in clear glass and a spray atomizer to diffuse a fine mist.

The floral perfume reveals its olfactory palette as it evaporates from your skin, top notes will harmoniously blend in with middle and base notes to perfectly fit you.

For best results, spray the elixir of perfume on your neck, neckline and wrists along with delicate silage on your hair and clothes.

The floral perfume for woman is a unique and sophisticated gift for any occasion!

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