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The Production of Maison ST Parfum
: The Luxury of the Capital of Perfume

As creators of perfume, we use all of our resources to reproduce the aromas of our environment, from the typical streets and the unique locations of The French Riviera.

Our products are made in Grasse, the capital of perfume. Grasse is world renowned for its elegance as well as for its production quality in the world of perfumes. Because of the numerous gardens filled with exquisite scents, it is the El Dorado for the training and development of the olfactory repertoires of fine noses.

However, Grasse and its beautiful flowers are much more than a cultural heritage, they are a true ode to authenticity. It is for this reason that they are continue to be an inspiration, that also reflects the olfactory identity of Maison ST Parfum.

Our expertise

Maison ST Parfum chose the best of perfume making by working with passion, love and dedication! Our French Riviera walks and wonderful daily eencounters inspired all of our perfume creations. We work hand to hand with our lab experts in Grasse, to re create the exact emotions of each memory.

Our team of experts is devoted to elaborate the most unique fragrances. From prime extraction to natural beet alcohol distillation, we are elaborating a wide range of charismatic and colorful original fragrances, directly from our Grasse’s lab.

A result of hard work and determination to re-create the olfactory scents of The French Riviera at its best.  Each fragrance is carefully selected to ensure the most exceptional perfume!

Les Senteurs Tropéziennes : notre savoir faire

Original creations meeting Grasse’s reputation

Talented Perfume makers, in our Grasse’s laboratory

Experts in high-end perfume making, our mission is to recreate the authentic aromas of nature, including the most classic French Riviera « rendez vous ».

All of our products are elaborated in Grasse, the world capital of perfume.

Between those infinite flowers fields and professional « noses » around, it is the « eldorado « of all olfactory senses.

Grasse is not only a cultural heritage; it is a true ode to authenticity. Therefore Maison ST Parfum chose to open its workshop there.

A team of expert close to your expectations

Maison ST Parfum is run by a team of young, dynamic and passionate perfume experts, constantly working on creating the best quality products, from selecting the raw components to designing each bottles, we are dedicated to sharing with you our passion and aromatic travels to delicately perfume your entire home!

Maison ST is a luxurious, unique experience!

Les senteurs tropéziennes : une équipe proche de vous